Help using the Visionix L79

   available on Crystal PM 3.3.0+

   this should work for the L79


Setting Crystal PM to accept Visionix

1)  Install and Configure Crystal PM Machine Integration Utility

The latest Version can be downloaded here.


Machine Settings For L79 are



User interface allows configuring the following parameters:

Line transmission speed,    300, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600*

Parity,                         none*, odd, even

Number of data bits,            7, 8*,

Number of stop bit,              1*, 1.5, 2

Control                                   none*, XON/XOFF, hardware.


So settings for machine integration are 9600,None,8,1,none


File to select ends with .txt


Assigning a Field from the Machines Data file.

1) Edit the Medical Records

2) Click on the field which will receive the input values

3) Change the description to Visionix:ID (ex -> [Visionix:2] for OD CYL From Machine)


Fields available to be assigned from XML

ID          Data           ___________________

1                  OD SPH

2                  OD CYL

3                  OD AXIS

4                  OD VD

5                  OD Ptx

6                  OD K1

7                  OD K2

8                  OD A1

9                  OD A2

10                OD CYL

11                OD K1 AXIS

12                OS CYL

13                OS AXIS

14                OS K1 AXIS

15                OD K1

16                OD K2

17                OS K1

18                OS K2

19                OD K2 AXIS

20                OS K2 AXIS