Tomey Integration Guide

The Tomey Data Transfer software must be set up and configured by Tomey prior to integrating the machine


CrystalPM Integration Setup


          Add the Machine:

1.      In Crystal, go to the Records tab

2.      In Records, navigate to EHR Settings à Import Machines à Select an open Machine Slot

3.      A window will open with a list a of machines, click on “Browse for available machines” at the bottom

4.      Choose the machine labeled “Tomey TL-3000B”

5.      Browse to the csv output location of the Tomey machine (Output location set in Tomey Data Transfer Software)

6.      Click open, then leave the Records tab in Crystal and then come back to it (Click on Tasks tab then click back onto records tab.)


Create the button in records:

1.      In Records, navigate to EHR Settings à Edit Medical Record Templates

2.      At the bottom of the Edit Fields Window click on “Add New Field”

3.      Make the field type to be a button

4.      Assign the fields in your template to the corresponding fields from the CSV file below:

5.      Add field to template and Save Changes


Tomey CSV Fields

1.              OD  -  Sphere

2.              OD  -  Cylinder

3.              OD  -  Axis

4.              OD  -  Add

5.              OD  -  H Prism

6.              OD  -  V Prism

7.              OS  -  Sphere

8.              OS  -  Cylinder

9.              OS  -  Axis

10.          OS  -  Add

11.          OS  -  H Prism

12.          OS  -  V Prism

13.          OD  -  PD

14.          OS  -  PD