Are you still using software designed for a retail store or a generic small business? With insurance and various healthcare plans, the days of using a simple calculator are long gone. Estimating an insurance payment or evaluating a co-pay can get very tedious if you are using the wrong software. Crystal PM has integrated insurance claims and patient billing into one of the most comprehensive and easy to use accounting software packages on the market.

  • Customizable Invoices
  • Auto-Completed CMS 1500/ HCFA 1500 Forms
  • Employee Tracking Items
  • Insurance Fee Schedules

Whether you are handing your patients their invoice or printing out an HCFA form, Crystal Practice Management can handle your office’s billing needs. Adding new line items to an invoice can be done by either procedure or billing code. Have you spent hours filling out HCFA forms only to find out you bubbled in one wrong box? You will fall in love with our auto completed HCFA 1500 forms. With the mere click of a button you can either print out a completed form or send an electronic claim in seconds. Save your accountant time and your office money.

Do any of your employees work on commission? You can assign each line item to an employee to track their exact production. Make sure they get rewarded for every item or service they sell without crediting them for noncommissioned items.