To install Crystal PM on a workstation running the Windows 8 operating system, you will first insert the Server & Client disk into your CD drive.

The following screen will appear:

Click the dark blue box and the following options will appear:

Select ‘Open folder to view files’.

Double-click on the ‘Client’ folder.

Click on the ‘Setup’ icon.

The program will load as follows. Click ‘next’.

Follow the prompts and click the ‘Finish’ button on this screen:

The following window will appear:

You will need to enter the server name or IP address of the server computer. To locate this, go to another workstation (not your server computer) in your office and open Crystal. Click Configuration > Server.

The information in this box is what you will need for the new workstation.
Note: Windows 8 may require a .NET framework installation to complete the setup. If it does, it will prompt you when you attempt to install Crystal.