Crystal PM

Crystal PM
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HIPAA Checklist

A useful HIPAA guide.

System Requirements

Checklist for Crystal PM minimum system requirements.

Crystal PM Manual

View the Crystal PM user guide.

Clinical Quality Measures

View the list of Clinical Quality Measures.

Recall Postcard Format

MS Word template for a single sheet postcard format.

Schedule/Patient Template

MS Word template for merging patient and schedule data.

Brother Label Template

Preferred Brother Label Template.

Backup Batch File

The ‘backup.bat’ file for use in manually backing up the Crystal PM database.

PDF Viewing Software (Adobe Reader)

Allows you to view PDF files that are on your computer or have been uploaded to Crystal.

**Note: uncheck the box for McAfee virus scan.

Cute PDF

Allows you to create PDF files from any printable document.


Allows you to create PDF files from Windows Applications.

Java Runtime Environment

Workstation computers to be on the latest version of the Java runtime environment. For questions regarding this software, consult with your IT personnel.


This is the access portal for GoToAssist.