HIPAA 5010

HIPAA 5010 is the next generation of standards for all HIPAA-compliant electronic transaction activities used for exchanging information with insurance companies. What this means is, if you submit electronic claims, the methods used must comply with HIPAA 5010. These changes are mostly technical and cover two main areas: preparation for the ICD-10 Codes, and streamlining reimbursements.

Does Crystal PM have any financing available?

Yes, we have several options that work well for offices. We can break the total cost into three monthly payments at no additional charge. Crystal PM currently costs $7,995, so you would just need to make three monthly payments.

If I purchase Crystal PM, what support will I get?

The initial price for Crystal PM includes one server license, unlimited number of workstation licenses, and one year of free support and upgrades.

How can I get a free demo of Crystal PM?

Call us at (800) 308-7169 Ext. 2!

Will I have to purchase Crystal PM for each one?

No, when you purchase Crystal PM you get a license for use of the software on the server and an unlimited number of workstations at your location.

Does Crystal PM do electronic insurance claims?

Can I install Crystal PM myself?

Yes, installing Crystal PM is as simple as putting the CD into the computer; it will walk you through the install itself. Give our demo a try, and see how simple it is to install.

Can I get training for my staff?

Yes, we offer free online training led by one of our skilled technical support agents. We also can offer free onsite training at a reasonable price. However, Crystal PM was designed such that it can be effectively used with little to no training, even by a novice computer user. If you would like onsite training, call us and ask for a personalized quote.

Will I have to buy new computers to install Crystal PM?

Our absolute minimum system requirements are a Windows 8 or 10 computer with 3gb of RAM.  For a server, we recommend either Windows Server 2012 – 2019 with 4 to 6gb of RAM.  A list a system requirements can be found here:  Crystal PM System Requirements.

What are the hidden charges associated with Crystal PM?

There are no hidden charges; Crystal PM is a complete and comprehensive software package that has all the features you will need to manage an optometric office. It comes with many features that many other practice management software packages charge extra for, including electronic medical records, electronic filing of insurance claims, and frames inventory. Not included in the standard product are training and data conversion, which we offer at an additional cost.

What do I do with my paper records?

If you are coming from an office that currently has paper records, you have several options.

Option 1

Scan in your current paper records. This is typically done by scanning in the patients’ records one day before their appointment. We recommend the ScanSnap Scanner by Fujitsu (double sided scanner) and work with all Twain Scanners. This allows you to put all the paper records for your patient in the paper feeder and scan all previous records in seconds. Once the documents are scanned you can shred the paper documents and free up space in your office.

Option 2

Keep old paper records and start using electronic records for all new exams. This requires you to keep the paper in your office and, after a few appointments, rely solely on Crystal Practice Management for your record keeping.

Will I have to re-enter all my patient records from my old system?

Most likely no; we offer a data conversion service for an additional fee. There is nothing more important to an office than to keep and protect vital patient data. Converting data from one system to another is often a tedious and time consuming affair. With Crystal’s Data Conversion Team you can streamline that task and insure a smooth transition. Crystal has specialists who have worked in the field with many different practice management systems with various types of databases. The amount of data we are able to convert depends on the system from where you are transferring data and how similar the systems are to one another. Our data transfer team has successfully transferred data from DOS systems of the past to current Windows systems of today. Please call us for a free estimate of the cost to convert your patient records to Crystal PM.

Does Crystal PM have Electronic Medical Records?

Yes, Crystal PM has one of the best medical records capabilities of any product on the market, coming at no additional cost. Our unique “auto-history” feature allows the doctor to automatically and immediately review patient history without doing any additional searches or switching screens. This improves exam efficiency and overall patient care. Crystal PM’s EMRs are completely customizable. Design your own records or use one of our many templates. Since your records will look how you want, it will increase exam efficiency and overall patient care.

Why should I buy Crystal PM?

There are many sound reasons for purchasing Crystal PM, four of them being:


In a 15,000 patient office, we estimate the annual savings due to productivity increases by the staff and doctors is $26,816. This savings is a result of the time saved when entering, filing, and retrieving patient records; filing insurance claims; notifying patients; ordering frames; and patient billing. You will even save on office floor space by eliminating the need for a paper filing system. With this savings the initial cost of Crystal PM will be recovered in 2.3 months.


Crystal PM is easy to use. The software was designed such that a novice computer user can use the software with little to no training. All the scheduling, patient search operations, billing, insurance claims, and electronic medical records are extremely intuitive. Training of new staff members can be accomplished in mere days, rather than weeks or months.


Every Crystal PM purchase includes one year free support for any problems. Additionally, you will receive free upgrades for one year, as we continue to improve Crystal PM with new features. Many of our competitors have new versions every few years and require you not only to purchase a new program but also to retrain your staff. Crystal PM upgrades slowly ease new features into the office and require minimal training.


We consider your purchase of Crystal PM for your practice as a partnership with us. We will be looking out for what is best for your practice. You will not have to worry about your software again. If you have a problem with Crystal PM, we will make it our problem. Our Total Satisfaction Policy will make you feel comfortable that you have made the right decision.