Q – Does Crystal work with any other Topaz Signature Pad models?
A – No. The current pad version that can be integrated with Crystal is the SigGem 5.7; model T-LBK57GC-BHSB. To locate this model on the Topaz site, navigate to the following site: http://www.topazsystems.com/products/siggemcolor57.asp

Q – Can I order the Topaz Signature Pad through Crystal PM?
A – No. The device is available for purchase on the Topaz website www.topazsystems.com and through an approved vendor http://www.topazsystems.com/partners/americanpartners.htm

Q – Does the Signature work with programs on my computer other than Crystal PM?
A – Yes. There are application plug-ins available for the SigGem 5.7 available for download on the Topaz website: http://www.topazsystems.com/Software/index.htm (under Applications and Plug-Ins on the left). You can use the device in conjunction with Microsoft Office as well as Adobe Acrobat.

Q – How do I install the Signature Pad once I have ordered it?
A – There is a walkthrough available on our website: www.crystalpm.com/topaz.htm.

Q – Will I need a CD to install the Signature Pad?
A – The CD is helpful, but not required. You can download and install the device software from the following link: www.topazsystems.com/Software/SigPlusColor57.exe

Q – What will the Crystal technical staff be able to assist me with?
A – Our technical support staff assists in the linking of the Signature Pad software with the Crystal PM software. If there are issues installing the device software, or if your computer does not recognize the device (due to a driver issue, defective CD, etc.) you will need to contact Topaz at 805-520-8286 or techsupport@topazsystems.com.

Q – Is there a way to set the default font size on the signature pad?
A – No.

Q – Can I Use the device with Microsoft Word and then import the Word document back into Crystal PM?
A – Yes. Once you have finished with the Word Document, go to the patient tab in Crystal and click the ‘files’ tab. Under files, click on ‘add additional file’ and locate the location of the word document (typically it is saved in My Documents in XP or Documents in Windows 7).

To install a Dymo Labelwriter to work in Crystal you will first install the Dymo software (that ships with the device) and connect the printer via USB to the computer.

Once this has been done, click on the following link to download the necessary template: Crystal_left.label

Save this template to your desktop or somewhere on your computer (preferably the desktop).

Note: This template has the required data for the Labelwriter to function with the software in Crystal.
To integrate, choose the Inventory tab (at the top of Crystal) and click the Frames button.

In the Frames you will see a list of the available frames that you have held in Inventory. Double-click on any frame and ‘drill into’ it until you see this screen:

On this window click ‘Edit Label Template’.

On this screen, you will 1st choose ‘Upload Dymo template’. Next you will click the checkbox for ‘check if file is .label’ and 3rd you will click the dark blue button ‘Select a template’.

This will open the find a file dialogue box. You will need to select the Crystal_left template that you downloaded from the Crystal website. Choose it and click ok (for this example I have saved the template to my desktop). Next you will click the ‘Save Template’ button here and you are finished. You will need to repeat this process for the Contact Lenses button and Miscellaneous button in the inventory screen as well.

Your final step is to make sure that Crystal has selected the Dymo Labelwriter. To do this, click File > Print Options > Label Printer. Your printer dialogue window will appear. Select the printer in the dropdown and click ok.