To install a Dymo Labelwriter to work in Crystal you will first install the Dymo software (that ships with the device) and connect the printer via USB to the computer.

Once this has been done, click on the following link to download the necessary template: Crystal_left.label

Save this template to your desktop or somewhere on your computer (preferably the desktop).

Note: This template has the required data for the Labelwriter to function with the software in Crystal.
To integrate, choose the Inventory tab (at the top of Crystal) and click the Frames button.

In the Frames you will see a list of the available frames that you have held in Inventory. Double-click on any frame and ‘drill into’ it until you see this screen:

On this window click ‘Edit Label Template’.

On this screen, you will 1st choose ‘Upload Dymo template’. Next you will click the checkbox for ‘check if file is .label’ and 3rd you will click the dark blue button ‘Select a template’.

This will open the find a file dialogue box. You will need to select the Crystal_left template that you downloaded from the Crystal website. Choose it and click ok (for this example I have saved the template to my desktop). Next you will click the ‘Save Template’ button here and you are finished. You will need to repeat this process for the Contact Lenses button and Miscellaneous button in the inventory screen as well.

Your final step is to make sure that Crystal has selected the Dymo Labelwriter. To do this, click File > Print Options > Label Printer. Your printer dialogue window will appear. Select the printer in the dropdown and click ok.

Download the software from the following link:

right-click and unzip the file once it has finished.

Double-click on the folder and click the setup icon (toward the bottom to the right of the blue shield)

Follow the program prompts (you will see several, just click next or accept when necessary)

At the final prompt, the program will launch and will return a message of ‘cannot find server, please enter server name’.

At this point you will need to manually enter this data.

It can be retrieved from a pre-existing workstation in Crystal under Configuration > Server.

The program will boot properly at this point, if it does not call our tech support line at 1-800-308-7169 ext 1.

The purpose of this tutorial is to demonstrate how to provide access to sensitive medical record information to your patients over the web.

The first step is to export and save the patient’s medical record out of Crystal.

To do this, you will navigate to Records > select patient name.

Select the ‘old records’ button to access a previous medical record.

Next, select EHR > Print to PDF (which is the last option in the list)

In the printer dialogue box, check the option to print to file and click OK.

Next, you will be prompted where to save the document. For the purpose of this tutorial, I have saved the medical record to my desktop.

You also have the option at this point to name the medical record file; if not the default title will be ‘medrec’.

Click save and the item will print to a file on your desktop.

Minimize the programs you are in to verify that the medical record is available on your desktop:

In Crystal, navigate to the patient’s file and select the Files tab.

Select the button titled Online Documents:

The green online files box will appear. Set a username and password and click Add File.
Note: The username and password are not required to be any specific length or type of characters. It is personal preference.

On this screen, select the Find option.

In the file selection window navigate to the location of the file (Desktop > medrec) and click Open.

At this point the file is ready to be uploaded.

Provide a description and click Upload File.
The uploaded file will show in the file list:

Next, navigate in Crystal to Admin > Website and notice the hyperlink in the box:

This is the online location of the patient’s medical record. Click on this link and you will be taken to the following logon screen:

You will be required to enter the username and password you assigned prior to uploading the record (I used test123 and test123). You will also need to provide this information to your patient.
Click Enter once these fields have been filled and you (or your patient) will be directed to the username/password page where there medical record information can be downloaded and viewed.

To install Crystal PM on a workstation running the Windows 8 operating system, you will first insert the Server & Client disk into your CD drive.

The following screen will appear:

Click the dark blue box and the following options will appear:

Select ‘Open folder to view files’.

Double-click on the ‘Client’ folder.

Click on the ‘Setup’ icon.

The program will load as follows. Click ‘next’.

Follow the prompts and click the ‘Finish’ button on this screen:

The following window will appear:

You will need to enter the server name or IP address of the server computer. To locate this, go to another workstation (not your server computer) in your office and open Crystal. Click Configuration > Server.

The information in this box is what you will need for the new workstation.
Note: Windows 8 may require a .NET framework installation to complete the setup. If it does, it will prompt you when you attempt to install Crystal.